Vegan mac n cheese using mostly Daiya. (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

I always see photosets of non-vegan mac n cheese and think we need a photoset of yummy cruelty free non-cows milk cheesy deliciousness. ^-^

oh god tag your porn

im reblogging this again because YUM.

Oh man, this is why Australia needs Daiya. I’ve tried multiple mac and cheese with the “cheesey” flavor coming from nutritional yeast and it’s gross - but also I don’t have a food processor to try things like cashew cheese sauces.:<

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Super Berry Açaí Bowl

Recipe here

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~ vegansaurus!: Suite ThreeOhSix tasting by chef Daphne Cheng!


Megan Rascal and I are the luckiest vegans, I swear. We were recently invited to a press event at Suite ThreeOhSix, a vegan supperclub and cooking school featuring the fancy work of chef Daphne Cheng. It was delicious! All of it! So delicious we couldn’t get photos of all of it, which stinks,…

"Everybody needs a hug. It changes our metabolism!"

I got soo excited over a salad bar today. It’s like HEAVEN